I have a friend who has a passion for drawing way back in high school. I remember those times back where he just sits and drowns himself with his craft. It was inspiring to have such talents, with a bit of jealousy on my part, to be honest. And what struck me most was his work creating cartoon characters for our batchmates. Each person had a unique cartoon drawn according to how we see them. Each character design was so good that even though its offensive to that particular person, it made that person appreciate it. Fifteen years have passed, and the drawing served as a memorial. Whenever we recall those drawings in high school, it was a blast. It was everyone’s high school Brand. Just one look at the cartoon characters, we know, that is precisely that person. And yes, we understand why he looks like that. It never grows old.

     Branding has a lasting impact on any product, any business, or any person. It’s the idea that sticks, and it’s the thought that lasts. Its the reason why we act accordingly. We never forget once we taste it, once we experienced it, once we felt it. You never get tired of drinking from the same brand of coffee. You always look for a specific brand in a shopping mall once you’ve experienced its quality. Your decision making is greatly affected by how you look at a branded t-shirt or branded shoes or brand hardware. We all know how much Apple products cost and perform, right? Well, I do.

     My friend did an excellent job of branding each of our batchmates accordingly, and by doing so, we still remember the feelings of good old days. Now that friend of mine works as a website developer outside of the Philippines, CSS expert. Who would have guessed? One day he messaged me about an idea by one of his group members in “art creation.” They want to build a website that can highlight their group’s passion. It was not that hard. We talked about the specifications, the domain name, the hosting provider, and within the same day, we launched it’s first coming soon page. Just a logo with a banner image of their group and a message of “cumming soon.” Pun intended because forty percent of the “arts” was mature in content. Link? I will share it at the bottom.

     Before my friend and I could call it a day, I reminded my friend to talk with his group. I get the whole picture on how the website will function, with a pop up for adult contents correctly, but what I want most is the brand book or the brand’s guideline. Most of the clients we had never had one, and so we help them. So he asked me what a brand book is, I answered, “text formats? Color palette? You know, how you want the site to look? How you want site visitors to see your group? Mission? Vision?”. He then saw the idea of what I’m asking. I do hope they come up with a brand to stand for their passion. I believe they would because we will guide them.

     I do not suggest building a platform like a website or a youtube channel if you do not know your brand well enough. But this case was done first so that he can present what a website can do for his group. It’s their passion, and we want to honestly and passionately help them. Well, mostly, it’s the revenue that I think of often.

Building a brand comes from an idea but should be carefully refined and nurtured;

  • Branding is knowing and standing up for it.
  • You need to know who you are before you can act.
  • You also need to know what you can do before you do it.
  • You need to have a reason before you do it all.
  • Knowing is just a part of it. Acting upon knowing completes it.

Giving it a purpose is the meaning behind a successful brand.

     It’s hard for me to say that you will be or will build a successful brand. Not all brands stay. There’s also the concept of re-branding. What I can state for a fact is that when your brand does good and quality services to people, it will stick within them. They will carry you, no need to market fancy because once you established your brand, people will remember, and that in itself is a success.

     What I want to see from my friend’s website (webkomph.com) is the reflection of their passion. I hope they will stay honest in delivering excellent quality stories, intensive actions panel by panel, and just magically take me inside their art’s work. Will help them with marketing. We want to make people glance at it, and if they do, stick with it, love it.

     Sometimes, I want to relive the life I had as a child where I save school lunch money just to buy Filipino made comics. I grew up reading adventures, a good laugh, and high values. Their stories are within me, and I will never forget them. If any Filipino from my century is reading this, “Batang 90s” will always know what Funny Komiks is.

If ever you will come up with an idea and decides to build a brand of your own, a local business? As an influencer? As a streaming gamer? As a mother who wants to earn for her kids by recording How To guides? A wellness coach? An e-commerce business? We are here to help, honestly, and faithfully. Let’s have coffee.

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Posted by Webkom Alliance on Tuesday, June 2, 2020