We’re not your boring brand and marketing strategists. We are the creative men and women who will turn your brand into something amazing and be a cut above the rest. 

Let’s collaborate and  take your brand to extraordinary heights! 


A Digital Marketing Consultant whose passion is to help business owners scale their brand online. My ability to see things in a bigger picture allows me to create foolproof marketing strategies.


When it comes to anything Social Media, I’m the person you’re looking for! I’m Jane, TLC’s social media master. I handle the social media marketing side of things, and I also engage with your audiences to really help them connect with you on a deeper level.


I’m TLC’s productivity maven and email marketing expert/copywriter, Micah! All of your scheduling and email needs, I’m the one in charge of them. I’m aware of how difficult it can be to schedule everything, so count on me to get things sorted out. Aside from that, I’ll be handling the email side of your business!


How’re you doing? I’m Eloisa or Eloi for short. Just like Mark, I’m involved with the improvement and creation of the visuals of your business. Graphics, videos, content, you can count on me to deliver amazing visuals to help promote your business!


Hello tthere! I’m Ruth, the resident admin officer for TLC. I do a little bit of everything, from scheduling posts, social media engagement and more. I’m a jack of all trades of sorts, and I will assist you in whatever you need to the best of my ability!


What’s up? I’m Mocchi the resident SEO and analytics expert of TLC. It’s my job to get your business to climb the ranks of search engine results. Aside from that, I’m also your go to guy when you need data regarding the traffic and clicks your website has gotten!


Hey there! My name’s Mark Abanes. I am the Senior Graphic Designer here at Thinklusive Co. and also one of its co-founders. I make awesome graphics for your business to make it more appealing and memorable. Anything related to visuals, you can count on me to get things done.


Howdy. I’m Jireh, you may call me Jai for short. I do the content writer side of things, and I write whatever you need for your business. Blogs, articles, social media posts, I write them all for you. Just give me a topic, and I’ll write some awesome content for it!